Introduction to my favorite foods

In this web page, I will be introducing my favorite food. I don’t have a food that I hate the most but I do not prefer eating mushrooms.


I prefer cheese burgers with no ketchup, mustard, or pickles in them. I am very picky when eating burgers. One of my favorite burger stores are either Mcdonalds or Shake Shack. In addition, I like to put a lot of cheese in my burger so that I can taste the cheese flavor. I also used to eat In-N-Out before COVID-19, but now I can not eat them anymore.

Fruit Smoothies

Long time ago, my parents made healthy fruit smoothies. Some of my favorite combinations are strawberry and banana, orange and carrot, and blueberries, banana, and strawberry. In the smoothies, there would be yogurt, milk, and ice to make it a slushy type. Now, I make my own during my free time and make mango smoothies with honey.


I love to eat yogurt. My favorite flavors of yogurt are Strawberry, Peach, and Greek yogurt. I eat Greek yogurt with Granola bits or eat it without them. When I was young, I used to eat yogurt in a straw shaped package. It was grape flavor and it was my favorite yogurt to eat. I would often freeze it or just eat it soft.


I like to eat apple sauce from the brand called Mott’s applesauce. I used to eat them when I went to America during the summer. I can also get them in the military base but not that often. Everytime during summer break I would get applesauce and eat them during breakfast. I like the sour ones that are not with cinnamon because I do not prefer eating cinnamon.

Vegetables and Fruit

Vegetables and fruit are also one of my favorite foods. I love celery, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. I do not like eggplants and zucchini. I like all types of fruit except for apples. I don’t really know the reason why I do not like apples but I still can manage to eat them if I was given it.